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The Civil War

The Civil War (1861-1865) profoundly changed the people who endured it, including the Winchester family. Many of our ancestors served during the War, which had a lasting impact on the family, with the loss of at least 15 of our Winchester ancestors. Most were young and single. Some were brothers. All except one served in the Confederate Army. Here is a list of the Winchester Civil War Veterans who lost their lives in battle.

Roll Call

GRAVELY, Bright G. 28 SEP 1864 Co. D, 7th Calvary, NC
GRAVELY, James W. 18 OCT 1862 Co. B, Palmetto Sharp Shooters, SC
GRAVELY, John Hensley (Jr.) 24 DEC 1862 Co. I, 3rd Reserves, SC
GRAVLEE, Jesse Lafayette 30 NOV 1862 28th Infantry Regiment, AL
NIX, James Aft. DEC 1863 Light Artillery, SC
WINCHESTER, Isaac M.* 17 SEP 1862 Co. A, 22nd Infantry Regiment, SC
WINCHESTER, James A. 07 DEC 1861 Co. C, 25th Infantry Regiment, NC
WINCHESTER, John Thomas 03 DEC 1862 Co. A, 22nd Infantry Regiment, TX
WINCHESTER, Josiah S. 8 MAR 1865 Co. H, 5th Mounted Infantry, TN
WINCHESTER, Richard 19 NOV 1862 Co. K, 43rd Infantry Regiment, AL
WINCHESTER, Samuel Crawford 30 MAY 1862 Co. L, 28th Infantry Regiment, AL
WINCHESTER, William R. 28 JAN 1864 29th Infantry Regiment, NC
WINCHESTER, Willoughby* 11 MAR 1862 Co. F, 22nd Infantry Regiment, SC
WINCHESTER, Willoughby Lynch 04 MAR 1862 Co. F, 22nd Infantry Regiment, SC


* These soldiers were brothers. Their deaths during the war and the deaths of two other brothers in childhood resulted in the loss of the Winchester surname in the Joseph Winchester/Isabella Miller Winchester branch of the family.